WATCH : Rohit inflicts salt to England’s injury with nonchalant six off Anderson


India maintained their assertive pursuit of a target of 192 on the morning of Day 4, with both Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal eager to take charge against the bowlers and secure an insurmountable lead in the series.

The pair swiftly accumulated 42 runs in the initial eight overs on Monday. Despite the Indian skipper commencing proceedings with a maiden over against James Anderson, the seasoned campaigner signaled his intentions promptly in the subsequent over.

Approaching from over the wicket, Anderson delivered a length ball angling towards leg stump, anticipating some swing to challenge Rohit.

However, the delivery didn’t deviate as expected, presenting an opportunity that the 37-year-old seized upon. With a subtle lift of his back leg, Rohit expertly executed a breathtaking shot, dispatching the ball towards cow corner with remarkable ease.

The stroke, reminiscent of a classic pick-up shot in white-ball cricket, caught everyone off guard, leaving even the most seasoned England players astounded. Stokes, in particular, couldn’t help but appreciate the shot, his expression conveying a sense of admiration mixed with resignation in the face of such an onslaught.


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