WATCH : Rohit Sharma trademark pull shot stunned everyone


The first day of the first Test match being played against Australia was in favor of India at the Vidarv Cricket Association Stadium. After Australia scored 177 runs, the Indian team made 77 runs for one wicket in the lead of Rohit Sharma. When Rohit came to bat on the second day, he did not change his aggressive approach.

During this time, Rohit hit a boundary shot in the 32nd over against Pat Cummins that made the fans in the stadium jump with joy. Meanwhile, Cummins’s face fell. In reality, the plan was for Pat Cummins to trap Rohit with a pull shot and for this, he had set a fielder deep square leg.

In this 32nd over, Rohit hit a six on the pull shot against Pat Cummins, which made the fans in the stadium jump with joy. Meanwhile, Cummins’ face dropped. In fact, it was planned that Cummins would bowl a short ball for Rohit to hit the pull shot, but Rohit’s pull shot had so much power that the ball went over the deep square-leg fielder and resulted in a six.

The Australian captain thought that he had trapped Rohit, but Rohit’s shot was too strong. Upon seeing the six, the color drained from Cummins’ face. The video of this shot is becoming very viral on social media. Meanwhile, talking about this match, Rohit’s partner Ashwin also played a good innings and scored 23 runs in 62 balls before getting out.

However, Cheteshwar Pujara remained unbeaten and got out while trying to sweep. The ball took the top edge of his bat and went straight into the hands of the fielder. Before getting out, Pujara scored 7 runs in 14 balls.


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