WATCH : Rohit Sharma’s reply when asked to choose between Shaheen Afridi and Mitchell Starc


Indian star opener Rohit Sharma declined to select between Pakistan’s Shaheen Afridi and Australia’s Mitchell Starc, asserting that both bowlers possess equal levels of danger. This declaration came as a response to a rapid-fire round of questions during a video interview shared on the ICC’s social media platform.

Having encountered both Afridi and Starc in international cricket, Sharma conveyed his reluctance to favor facing either of them, especially when they have the new ball. He emphasized that both these bowlers possess the ability to swing the ball at high speeds, causing difficulties for batsmen.

He emphasized that both of them are top-quality bowlers and present considerable threats. Sharma’s encounters with Shaheen Afridi in ODIs have been relatively limited, with just a solitary face-off during the 2018 Asia Cup, where he managed to survive against the Pakistani pacer.

Reflecting on his performances against Starc, Sharma has had several encounters with him since 2012, yet he has only been dismissed three times in a total of 118 deliveries. In addition to addressing his perspective on the two bowlers, Sharma responded to other inquiries during the video interview.

For instance, when asked about his preferred World Cup victory between the 1983 and 2011 editions, the Indian captain declined to provide a definite answer, deeming it a challenging choice and opting to select both. Similarly, when faced with the choice between his favored shot, the cover drive, and the pull shot, the 36-year-old promptly asserted his preference for the ‘pull shot’.


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