WATCH : Roshon Primus sends Mohammed Amir into awe with a huge maximum in CPL


The Caribbean Premier League 2023 commenced on Thursday with the inaugural match featuring Jamaica Tallawahs against St Lucia Kings. The game provided abundant entertainment for the attendees, highlighted by Brandon King’s match-winning performance and Roston Chase’s commendable all-around display.

However, it was Roshon Primus who stole the spotlight, not only captivating the crowd but also coaxing a reaction from the bowler that mirrored the shot’s brilliance. During the 17th over, with St. Lucia Kings pursuing a target of 188 runs, Mohammed Amir took the ball.

Roshon Primus stood ready to face the opening delivery of the over, and the Pakistani pacer sent down a back-of-a-length delivery just outside the off-stump. Primus astutely gauged the delivery’s length and unleashed a powerful strike over the deep midwicket region.

The ball soared a remarkable 96 meters, eventually landing in the spectator stands, leaving Amir in a state of amazement.

Amir paid homage to the batter’s exceptional power-hitting by showcasing his admiration through a slight wince, effectively igniting the crowd’s excitement to a fever pitch.


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