WATCH : Russell departing for cheap after being sold down the river by Venkatesh


The Kolkata Knight Riders had a disappointing batting performance, only managing 169 runs after being asked to bat first. They suffered an early collapse, finding themselves at 57/5 by the seventh over.

Venkatesh Iyer was the top scorer for the team with a brave innings of 70 runs from 52 balls. However, his actions towards the end of the innings left a bitter taste for fans, as they fell short of the desired score.

The incident occurred on the last delivery of the 17th over. Venkatesh attempted a reverse sweep off Hardik Pandya’s delivery towards square leg, creating a chance for a single.

Andre Russell ran to the other end, but Venkatesh, seemingly distracted, didn’t respond. By the time he realized, Russell had already reached the other end. Instead of trying to make a run, Venkatesh motioned Russell to go back, leading to a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, Hardik managed to field the wide throw and swiftly broke the stumps, catching Russell out of his crease.

Russell, departing for seven runs off two deliveries, was visibly frustrated by the mix-up, evident from his reaction. Twitter users swiftly commented on the chaotic misunderstanding.


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