WATCH : Salman Agha got hit right under his eye on Jadeja’s delivery


India maintained control throughout their match against Pakistan in Colombo on Monday, as a series of quick wickets hampered Pakistan’s ambitious pursuit of a challenging target of 357. The batting side’s hopes primarily rested on Iftikhar Ahmed and Salman Agha Ali, who were tasked with forming a game-saving partnership.

However, an unfortunate incident occurred during Salman’s attempt to counter Ravindra Jadeja’s bowling. In the 21st over, the left-arm spinner Jadeja delivered a swift and low ball, prompting Salman to try a sweeping shot.

Unfortunately, Salman could only manage a top edge, causing the ball to rise sharply and strike him directly in the face. Significantly, Salman was not wearing a helmet, leaving him unprotected against the Kookaburra cricket ball.

Consequently, he suffered a cut on his left cheekbone, with blood immediately beginning to flow from his face. In a matter of moments, a swollen area had developed around his nose, prompting medical staff to rush onto the field to provide initial treatment.

Despite the evident pain resulting from the injury, Salman bravely opted to continue battling on. Although he couldn’t make a substantial contribution to his team’s efforts, his determination earned praise from Twitter users.


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