WATCH : Sanju Samson Takes A Stunner To Send Back Kyle Mayers


The ongoing cricket rivalry between India and West Indies never fails to captivate fans. As they clashed in Florida for the fourth match of their five-game T20I series, all attention was on the cricket field. West Indies, having secured a commendable 2-0 lead in the initial matches, held a dominant position.

However, India fought back fiercely in the third match, indicating their resilience. The coin favored West Indies during the toss. Yet, the most remarkable moment of the match wasn’t the toss or even a spectacular century. Instead, it was an exceptional delivery by India’s Arshdeep Singh. In a pivotal instant, the bowler outwitted Mayers.

Arshdeep’s delivery, with an impressive speed of 135kph, showcased tactical brilliance. With a slightly shorter length and a higher bounce than expected, the ball hurried Mayers. As the batsman leaned back, attempting to play a shot over the wicketkeeper, he stumbled. Instead of making a clean connection, Mayers edged the ball, leading to a magical turn of events.

Indian wicketkeeper Sanju Samson, displaying exceptional skills and lightning reflexes, sprang into action. Leaping into the air, he caught the ball with his fingers pointed towards the sky, executing a sharp and captivating catch. This was one of those electrifying cricket moments that leave an indelible mark in the memories of fans. The stadium erupted in applause for Sanju Samson’s outstanding catch.

For Arshdeep Singh, this dismissal held greater significance than just another wicket. It served as evidence of his growing expertise and marked him as a formidable player. For Mayers, it was a lesson – a reminder that even the best can be outsmarted.


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