WATCH : Shreyas Iyer’s bat was broken after facing Haris Rauf’s delivery


India’s opening match in the 2023 Asia Cup has taken a disastrous turn, with the team losing three wickets, leaving them at a meager total of 51 runs.

Shaheen Shah Afridi has been causing havoc with the ball, and Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf have been bowling tightly. Rauf, renowned for his blistering pace, stole the spotlight with a scorching delivery that had an unusual outcome.

During the eighth over of the innings, with Iyer at the crease, Rauf delivered the fourth ball. It was pitched just outside the off-stump, and Iyer elegantly drove it through the covers, earning four runs for his shot.

However, the ball struck the cue end of the bat, shattering it due to its sheer velocity. This incident didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users, who expressed their astonishment at the unusual turn of events.

Haris Rauf’s reputation in the cricketing world revolves around his explosive pace, a challenge that frequently troubles batsmen. This was precisely the scenario when Rauf unleashed a thunderous delivery that shattered Shreyas Iyer’s bat in half after a powerful cover drive, forcing him to quickly switch to a new bat.


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