WATCH: The Funniest RUNOUT ever in the Cricket field

Cricket had a history with so many moments from the starting of this beautiful game. Like Bradman need to score just 4 runs in his final innings to maintain 100 average and Bradman dismissed for zero in his final innings.

Also if you look at a particular match so many moments happens like in the decider of ENG V PAK , live proposal with 22,000 crowds what a moment. Humungous sixes, brilliant effort in field , hilarious catch,etc. Likewise moment takes place in the match between Epping CC vs Rainham CC English league match.

Epping CC batting first and struggling to get runs since start of the innings, Kudos to some high class bowling performance from Rainham CC.

The incident took place at the 44th over of the innings as the pressure were increasing the batsman tried to steal a single when bowler Ben Little bowled a wide down the leg side and the Wicket Keeper threw the ball from a long distance, Unfortunately the ball missed the stump from the batter end due to which the non-striker interested to steal the single in the overthrow. The batsman at the batsman end didn’t respond as there is no run at all where us the non-striker halfway through the crease and the ball hitted the stump in the bowler end and the batsman at non-striker end Sarthak Kohli out in the unlucky way.

The dismissal of Sarthak Kohli has to be the most hilarious RUNOUT ever in the cricket field .

After that Epping CC added just 10 runs and got all-out but the bowler did their job to win the match for Epping CC against Rainham CC.

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