WATCH : Travis Head gifts away wicket following outlandish umpiring howler


Following a loss in their previous match while chasing, the Hyderabad-based team opted to bat first against Rajasthan. However, their decision initially faltered as RR’s bowlers claimed a couple of wickets within the powerplay.

Travis Head and Nitish Kumar Reddy then stabilized the innings, setting up a competitive total. However, a notable incident caught everyone’s attention, involving a controversial decision by the TV umpire.

On the second delivery of the 15th over, Travis Head attempted a shot square of the wicket on the off side as Avesh Khan delivered full and wide outside the stumps. Although Head missed the ball, he casually wandered outside the crease before hastily attempting to return upon seeing Sanju Samson’s direct hit.

The TV umpire reviewed the incident and ruled Head not out, judging that his bat had reached inside the crease just in time. However, broadcasters and the RR dugout argued that Head’s bat was still airborne when the stumps were disturbed.

Despite surviving a close call due to his relaxed approach, the Australian cricketer was dismissed by Avesh on the next delivery, as he attempted to maneuver across the line, resulting in the ball deflecting off his bat onto the stumps.

The dismissal brought a sense of calm to the RR dugout, where Kumar Sangakkara and his team engaged in discussions with the match referee, sparking intense reactions on Twitter.


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