WATCH : Virat Kohli troll Babar Azam’s men for greedily throwing away last remaining DRS


India continued their batting performance from where they had left off in Colombo the previous day. KL Rahul and Virat Kohli accelerated their run-scoring, forming an unbroken century partnership. As the partnership grew steadily, the Pakistani team appeared eager to secure a wicket.

This eagerness was evident when Babar Azam decided to introduce his main strike bowlers, Naseem Shah and Shaheen Afridi, into the attack. However, their frustration led to a costly mistake as they used up their only remaining review, much to Kohli’s amusement.

In the 29th over, Kohli faced off against Naseem. After being hit for a graceful boundary down the third man earlier in the over, Naseem attempted to trouble the batsman with a delivery down the leg side. He bowled a back-of-the-length ball with decent speed, tempting the 34-year-old Kohli into a glance.

However, Kohli failed to make contact with the ball, and it went straight into Mohammad Rizwan’s gloves. There was a slight noise as the ball passed Kohli, leading skipper Babar Azam and the bowler-keeper duo to believe there was an edge. Without much hesitation, Pakistan decided to review the decision.

The cameras immediately turned to Kohli, who was wearing a wide grin. Kohli briefly conversed with Rizwan in the middle of the pitch, clearly informing his counterpart that the ball had hit his thigh pad, as evidenced by their laughter.

Replays confirmed Kohli’s assertion, and social media users wasted no time in mocking the Pakistan team for their questionable decision-making.


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