WATCH : When Virat Kohli Left Pakistan Battered, Bruised And Bleeding


On March 18, 2012, in Dhaka, the Asia Cup saw a heated match between India and Pakistan. With a target of 330 set and no runs on the board, India’s hopes were dimming until Virat Kohli took the field. At the time, Kohli had not yet fully developed into the world-class player he is today, but his potential was evident.

As the game progressed, Kohli’s skill and talent shone through, leaving the Pakistan team in awe for the rest of the day. In no time, Kohli found his rhythm and began striking the ball with pinpoint accuracy, sending it effortlessly to the boundary.

His shots became increasingly consistent, leaving the Pakistani fielders scrambling to set up a defense. Although Sachin Tendulkar provided valuable support with 52 runs in his final ODI innings and Rohit Sharma contributed a solid 68, they played secondary roles to Kohli’s outstanding performance.

Although Kohli did not stay until the very end, his contribution was crucial in securing India’s victory. By the time he was dismissed, Pakistan had already suffered significant damage at the hands of our No. 3 batsman, who had effectively dismantled their bowling attack.

Kohli’s bat produced an impressive 183 runs, a stunning achievement that took him 148 balls and included 22 fours and 1 six. This remarkable performance still stands as Kohli’s personal best and the highest individual score ever recorded in the history of the Asia Cup.


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