Axar Patel on missing out on the 2023 World Cup due to injury


Team India’s versatile player, Axar Patel, expressed his disappointment and frustration over missing out on the 2023 ODI World Cup due to injury. He revealed that the initial days after the injury were challenging, but he gradually shifted his focus towards recovery.

Axar, a significant part of India’s ODI squad leading up to the World Cup, had to withdraw from the tournament due to a left quadriceps strain sustained during the Asia Cup. His absence led to his replacement by Ravichandran Ashwin in the 15-man World Cup squad.

Despite the setback, Axar showcased his prowess in a recent T20I against Australia, claiming figures of 3/16 and earning the Player of the Match award. During a post-match press conference, the left-arm spinner candidly discussed the disappointment of missing the prestigious World Cup hosted in his home country.

“Of course, it’s natural to feel disappointed. The World Cup was here in India, and then the injury occurred. Initially, I dwelled on it, unable to participate because of the injury. However, seeing the team perform well, I refocused on training and rehabilitation after about 5-10 days. Nevertheless, being sidelined due to injury during those initial days does bring a sense of frustration. Following that period, I gradually resumed my regular routine,” he expressed.

“I was saddened, but it occurred because of an injury; it’s beyond anyone’s control. It’s just a part of the game,” Axar added.

India had an impressive streak in the 2023 World Cup, triumphing in 10 consecutive matches. Nevertheless, their journey culminated in disappointment as they fell short in the final, losing to Australia by six wickets.


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