Bangladesh’s Tanzim Hasan Sakib in deep trouble for his offensive comments on women


Bangladesh fast bowler Tanzim Hasan Sakib has recently experienced a tumultuous period, following an impressive start to his international career. His controversial social media posts concerning women have rapidly gained widespread attention.

Tanzim has shared posts that have been widely perceived as demeaning to women and reflective of a deeply rooted misogyny. Numerous women on social media have criticized his posts and called on the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) to address the issue.

One of Tanzim Hasan Sakib’s Facebook posts from last year is particularly concerning. It translates to: “If a wife pursues a career, it jeopardizes her husband’s rights, the child’s well-being, her own grace, family harmony, the sanctity of the veil, and even the fabric of society.”

He has also made another post discouraging men from forming relationships with women who have many male friends at university, implying that their future children may lack modesty.

These offensive posts have drawn significant scrutiny, particularly given the prominent role of women in garment factories that produce the jerseys for the Bangladesh cricket team. Reports suggest that the BCB is examining the situation and is likely to issue a statement in due course.

Jannatun Nayeem Prity, a feminist writer based in Paris, expressed her disappointment with Tanzim Hasan Sakib, stating, “I feel sorry that you don’t regard your own mother as a normal human being.” Another writer, Swakrito Noman, labeled the comments as “deeply offensive” in a Facebook post criticizing Tanzim.

Despite a promising debut that included dismissing Indian captain Rohit Sharma during the Asia Cup, Tanzim Hasan Sakib may face significant consequences for his controversial social media remarks.


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