Delhi Capitals has introduced a ‘Code of Conduct’ for players

In light of a recent incident involving a Delhi Capitals IPL player’s misconduct towards a woman during a franchise party, the team has taken proactive measures to address the issue. A ‘Code of Conduct’ has been introduced to promote and ensure appropriate behavior among the players.

The newly implemented code focuses on upholding the franchise’s public image and prohibits players from inviting acquaintances to their rooms after 10 pm. If they wish to entertain guests, it must be done in the team hotel’s restaurant or coffee shop.

In addition, players must inform franchise officials in advance if they plan to leave the hotel premises to meet someone. The advisory, which was communicated to the players after their victory over the Hyderabad Sunrisers, comes with a stern warning: any violations of the code may result in fines or even termination of their contract.

The IPL franchise allows players and support staff to bring their WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) along during the tournament. However, the code stipulates that the players and support staff must bear the travel expenses of their partners and notify the franchise officials before their family members join the team.

Furthermore, if a player plans to bring someone to their room, they must inform the IPL team’s integrity officer beforehand and submit a photo identification to the team management.

The Code of Conduct highlights that the Delhi Capitals team members, including players, support staff, and management, should prioritize the team’s vision and objectives. Although not directly related to a particular event, the franchise has made it compulsory for all players to attend team functions and inform the team staff if they are running late.

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