Hilarious hindi commentary by Vivek Razdan during First T20 between India and Sri Lanka gets Twitter laughing

The argument of Hindi commentary vs English commentary in the game of cricket is a never ending debate and it is impossible to come to its conclusion. However, certain bloopers that the Hindi Commentators commit during high intensity stages lead to the entire hindi commentary fraternity to be trolled and something similar happened during last night’s match between India and Sri Lanka. Hindi commentator Vivek Razdan committed a hilarious error and his attempt of a comeback was even more comical. More importantly, the commentator committed the mistake not once but twice – once in each innings.

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The incident first occurred during the first innings of the match when India was batting. Indian batsman Ishan Kishan played a lofted shot towards long on. Commentator Vivek Zadran, getting excited on the shot, shouted “Awaaz…balle se…awaz jo ai” (translation: The sound of of the bat and ball connecting omg) only to realize later that he had hit it too high and in catching distance of a Lankan fielder. The commentator had definitely tried to applaud the shot and realized his mistake later. When the catch was taken, he tried to coverup his mistake by changing his statement mid sentence: “….awaz acchi ayi nahi thi. Wo ek jo mithi madhur awaz thi wo ayi hi nahi” (translation: the sound was not good. It was understable that the ball would rise high and end up being caught).

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However, it was too late and the fans had already caught his mistake. The commentator Vivek Razdan started getting trolled heavily on social media and fans started making hilarious memes about him. The trolling intensified when the commentator repeated the same mistake in the second innings, while Sri Lanka was batting.

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