Jemimah Rodrigues Picked the Best Wicket-keeper Between Dhoni & Gilchrist

The Indian cricket community has always been one of the most emotional and outrageous in the world and it takes you just a few seconds to get cancelled in the nation if you hurt the sentiments of the cricket fans. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is an emotion in the country. Years after his retirement from International cricket, there are still many die-hard Sachin fans who will not tolerate a single word against their idol. Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has attained a similar position and has grown a huge fan base all-over India and you better not infuriate his fans by disrespecting their idol. Indian Women’s cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues was on the verge of making the same mistake recently but she luckily corrected herself. 

Jemimah Rodrigues is currently the wicketkeeper of India’s Women’s cricket team. She is just 20 years old and had earlier been a part of the Under 17-Maharashtra Hockey team. In a recent interview with SkySports, Jemimah was asked about her favourite Wicketkeeper to which she instantly answered ‘Adam Gilchrist’. It was then that whe thought something at the back of the mind and corrected her answer to both Gilchrist and former Indian captain MS Dhoni. She did that only to save herself from facing the wrath of the Indian fans who would troll her for picking Glichrist over our very own Mahi. “I think Adam Gilchrist…Oh I’m Sorry – and MS Dhoni! People in India will Kill me!”

It was clearly visible that Jemimah Rodrigues did not want to include MS Dhoni as her answer but she did that only to save herself from the trolls. It is a sad reality that even in 2021 our cricketers have to live in the fear of being trolled by the fans of our very own nation and therefore restrain themselves from speaking their hearts out in public. 

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