MS Dhoni’s Warning For The Youngster About Helicopter Shot


The Indian wicketkeeper batsman MS Dhoni have a special message for the youngster about his special Helicopter Shot. As we all know that, MS Dhoni is the only batsman of the world, who hit Helicopter Shot frequently on the yorker balls.

Dhoni said,”It is something that I learnt when I used to play tennis ball cricket on the streets of India. It is a difficult shot which I used to play in tennis ball cricket but I realised it is tough to implement it in a proper cricket game. The reason being, in tennis ball cricket when you hit from the toe of the bat, the ball travels a lot but in proper cricket it has to be executed with the middle part of the bat.”

“So I had to work a lot and eventually I began to play the shot. For kids in an academy, it is a difficult shot to play and I don’t want them to get injured because there is a high chance of them hitting the ankle while attempting this shot. I don’t want anyone to complain that children are getting injured. So they should not attempt it now but once they grow up … once they play under-16 and then they can give it a go,” he added.


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