Pakistan TV host mocks Rohit Sharma during ‘Guess the Player’ game with Mohammad Amir

Mohammad Amir, a well-known cricketer, has gained notoriety for his controversial actions. Although he has retired from international cricket, he continues to participate in the Pakistan Super League. Amir frequently attracts attention through his controversial comments about fellow cricketers, be it his former teammate Babar Azam or Indian captain Rohit Sharma. In a recent occurrence, the 31-year-old cricketer made an appearance on a talk show.

Surprisingly, Amir managed to avoid creating any controversies during his time on the show. However, the host of the program resorted to mocking the current Indian captain in an inappropriate manner. The video capturing this incident has now gone viral on the internet.

‘Hasna Mana Hai’ is a popular talk show aired by Geo News, a prominent media channel in Pakistan. The show is hosted by stand-up comedian Tabish Hashmi, who recently featured Mohammad Amir as a guest on one of its episodes. During the show, a light-hearted challenge was presented to Amir, where he had to guess various items displayed on the screen while being blindfolded.

When Rohit Sharma’s picture appeared on the screen, the audience erupted in applause. It is worth noting that Amir and Rohit have engaged in banter in the past, which led the show’s producers to select Rohit Sharma’s picture for this particular segment. However, the host, Tabish Hashmi, made an unfortunate decision by providing inappropriate and cringe-worthy hints to the Pakistani bowler, thereby dampening the overall moment.

During the conversation, Amir inquired with the host about his retirement status, asking whether he was still active or had retired. In a jesting manner, the host quipped, “He is still playing, but it seems like he has retired.” Amir playfully responded, saying, “I think you’re referring to me.” However, the host made another remark that did not sit well with Indian fans. He said, “No, it’s not you. If you were there, he would never have stood a chance.”

Subsequently, the host proceeded to mock Rohit Sharma by stating, “He has a fondness for vada pav.” It appeared that Amir had already figured out the correct answer but decided to prolong the suspense and play along. Finally, after learning that the individual in question was a right-handed opening batsman for the Indian Cricket Team, Amir provided his answer.

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