Shakib Al Hasan lashes out at Tamim Iqbal for not being a “team man”


Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, has strongly criticized senior batsman Tamim Iqbal regarding the controversy surrounding his selection for the 2023 World Cup, describing Tamim’s behavior as “immature” and accusing him of prioritizing himself over the team.

Tamim, who recently returned to international cricket after battling a persistent back injury, was not included in Bangladesh’s 15-man World Cup squad. However, on September 27, in a Facebook post, the veteran batsman claimed that he was fit to participate in the World Cup but decided not to after being asked by a high-ranking Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) official to bat lower down the order.

In a candid interview with T-Sports, Shakib launched a scathing critique of Bangladesh’s opening batsman. In response to Tamim’s assertion that he had been requested to change his batting position, the captain dismissed it as a minor issue.

Drawing a comparison with Indian captain Rohit Sharma, Shakib stated, as quoted by ESPNcricinfo: “Someone like Rohit Sharma built his career, starting as No. 7 and later becoming an opener, amassing over 10,000 runs. If he occasionally bats at No. 3 or 4, would that be a significant problem? It’s completely immature. It’s my bat, and I will play. No one else can play for me. A player should be willing to bat in any position for the sake of the team. The team should always come first. Personal accomplishments don’t matter if the team loses. What can you do with individual achievements? Are you trying to establish a personal legacy?”

Shakib continued, “You’re not considering the team’s welfare at all. People fail to grasp these principles. Why was the suggestion made to him? It was for the team’s benefit. What’s wrong with that? You become a team player when you agree to such a proposal. If you don’t think along those lines, you’re not a true team player. You’re playing for your individual records, personal success, fame, and recognition, not for the team.”


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