Top 5 Bowlers who Bowled Most Dot Balls in IPL

The IPL is known for its batters, huge hitters, and high scoring innings. A few bowlers have caused problems for the batters to score runs by bowling a few speck conveyances comparable. Bowling dab balls consistently inconvenience the batters, and this assists the bowler with making records and cutoff the players from scoring enormous. IPL has various top-notch players who hold onto the show from their batting abilities. However, many bowlers have reliably stood out as genuinely newsworthy through a superb bowling spell having a lot of spot balls. This piece will examine 5 bowlers who have bowled the most dot balls in IPL history.

We take a gander at 5 such bowlers who have bowled most dot balls in the IPL.

#5 Lasith Malinga (Mumbai Indians)

lasith malinga

The Sri Lankan wonder declared for the current year, he will pass on establishment cricket any longer. Fans will miss his grin and splendid bowling. Lasith Malinga will be recognized as one of the unbelievable stars of Sri-Lankan cricket and one of the best T20 bowlers ever. The 37-year-old’s quick throwing activity made it hard for the hitters to pass judgment on the length. Malinga has taken 1155 dab balls in 122 IPL games and has taken 170 wickets. The previous Sri Lankan captain kept things tight with his exact line, which is why he has effectively bowling dab balls in the IPL.

#4 Sunil Narine (Kolkata Knight Riders)

sunil narine

Sunil Narine is one of those bowlers who isn’t hesitant to throw the ball up despite getting hit. In any event, when the ball is new, the 33-year-old can make issues with his flight and is a fine turner of the white ball. Narine can execute some superb googlies that are difficult to decide on turning wickets. The Kolkata Knight Riders player utilizes the wrinkle pleasantly, which assists him with handling the ball in the suitable regions. Narine has bowled 1194 dab balls in 128 IPL games and has taken 136 wickets.

#3 Bhuvneshwar Kumar (Sunrisers Hyderabad)

bhuvneshwar kumar

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has buckled down on his length and unobtrusive varieties, so he has been an extreme moderator. The Sun Risers Hyderabad bowler’s sharp leg cutters and misleading outswingers try to haggle in swinging conditions. The 31-year-old has adjusted well contingent upon the needs, which is why he has been effective in bowling dab conveyances. The medium-pacer has bowled 1230 speck balls in 129 IPL games and has taken 141 wickets.

#2 Ravichandran Ashwin (Delhi Capitals)

bowlers who bowled most dot balls in IPL

Ravichandran Ashwin’s capacity to bowl speck conveyances justifies why he is best in all configurations. Ashwin’s line is one of the significant parts of his bowling. The off-spinner has the skill of reliably putting breaks on the scoring rate by bowling in the excellent length region. Ashwin has bowled 1243 dab balls in 162 IPL games and has taken 141 wickets. Ashwin prior played for Chennai Super Kings from 2008-15. Later on, the yikes spinner played for Rising Pune Supergiant in 2016 and later on played for Kings XI Punjab in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Ashwin began playing for Delhi Capitals from the last IPL season.

#1 Harbhajan Singh (Kolkata Knight Riders) – bowlers who bowled most dot balls in IPL

bowlers who bowled most dot balls in IPL

The turbunator has been a sturdy Indian Cricket. In the IPL, the off-spinner made brilliant varieties in his length, relying upon the idea of the wicket and playing conditions, which made it hard for the batters to pass judgment on the conveyance and score openly. The previous Mumbai Indians player had this capacity to bowl in the suitable regions by bowling spot balls when different bowlers battled to stop the progression of runs. Harbhajan Singh has bowled 1268 dab balls in 163 IPL games and has taken 150 wickets. Harbhajan Singh played for Mumbai Indians from 2008-2017, then, at that point, exchanged over to Chennai Super Kings. He played for Chennai Super Kings from 2018-2020. This season the off-spinner will play for Kolkata Knight Riders.

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