Top 7 Wonders in Cricket History


There are lots of games in the world arena. But Cricket is one of the most famous game. The game of cricket is always known for his excitement and records. It is fully based on power, thinking, stamina and skills.

In cricket, there are many records which will be hard to break. Today we gonna tell you about those unexpected records.

So Here is “Top 7 Wonders in Cricket History”

7. Jim Laker (19 wickets in a test match)

Jim Laker
Jim Laker (Pic Credit :

The off-spinner of England cricket team Jim Laker is at the 7th place on this list. He took 19 wickets in a Test match against Australia at Old Trafford in 1956 just missed the perfect 20 wicket hall.

The Indian leg-spinner Anil Kumble took 10 wickets in a Test Innings against Pakistan, but 19 wickets in a Test match might be an impossible task for any bowler in the future.


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