Top Five Players to Hit the Most Fours in IPL

It’s not always the sixes, but fours also catch the attention of spectators in IPL. Whether it’s Kohli’s Straight drive or Rohit’s cover Drive, fans do get some chill time when the ball crosses the fence. But, have you ever wondered who all are the top four scorers in the IPL? Let us see the top five players in this elite club.

Let’s look at Top-5 Batsmen to Hit the Most Fours in IPL

1) Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan- Ranks 1st with Most Fours in IPL

Gabbar tops the list with 634 fours in his name till this time. He is currently playing for Delhi Capitals but has scored a lot for Sunrisers Hyderabad in the past. Dhawan drives, cuts, and has the proper technique and temperament to send the ball through the carpet. He is the undisputed king of fours in the IPL.

2) David Warner

David Warner is holding the second spot in scoring fours in IPL. Amazingly, he is the only overseas player to have featured in this record. Warner has already scored 525 fours till now in the IPL. He is racing with Virat for the second spot currently. Virat is just a four short of him.

3) Virat Kohli

3) Virat Kohli

Chiku holds the third spot in terms of hitting boundaries in the IPL T-20 Cricket. Having scored 524 fours across tournament seasons for the RCB, he keeps up for the second spot with David Warner. He has got unique abilities in driving the ball down the ground. He is one of the best batsmen in the world currently. No one uses their wrist better than him in sending the ball through the boundary. Kohli flicks it enough to get consecutive boundaries in the leg side as well.

4) Suresh Raina

4) Suresh Raina

Mr IPL is well equipped to send the ball through the boundary line. He has scored 502 Fours in IPL and is currently holding the fourth spot in scoring fours across all seasons. He is famous for his grit and fours hitting technique, keeping CSK always in the game through his anchoring role across seasons.

5) Gautam Gambhir- Hold the 5th rank in most fours in IPL

Gauti holds the fifth spot in scoring boundaries in IPL, Scored a lot of boundaries for Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capitals. Although he has already retired from all formats of cricket, fans still remember his inside-out fours in previous seasons of IPL. He has 491 fours in his tally.

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