VIDEO : Comedy of Errors and Finch Ran Out

Shami to Smith, out Finch Run Out! The captain is sold down the river! Pick your cliche! Just a tap on the head to a good length ball towards backward point, where Jadeja tries the direct hit at the striker’s end, as Smith dives back – Finch is already at the striker’s end and is trying to turn at this point, but Iyer collects it at short midwicket and coolly underarms it to Shami who whips off the bails before Finch can make it back!

(Arguably) The world’s best batsman has sold his captain down the river, and Finch is absolutely furious! Careful, oh doors of the Bangalore dressing rooms, Finch’s bat is coming your way. Some hand-picked expletives on the way back to the pavilion.

Here is the clip of that video:

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