VIDEO : Shami’s Yorkers and Back to Back Wickets

Shami to Turner, out Bowled! A corker of a yorker, 137.8km/h, marks the return of Shami, and Turner, who was just trying to slap it square of the wicket, misses that completely, and that’s lit up the stumps. No Turn-around this time, as he walks back to the dressing room, looking disgruntled.

Shami to Pat Cummins, out Bowled!! Another searing, tailing yorker at 139.5km/h, and he’s absolutely nailed it! Cummins is late in getting that bat down and Shami is on a hat-trick! A second hat-trick on the cards, in less than a year! Less than a minute at the crease, and Cummins has to walk back.

Here is the clip of that video:

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