VIDEO : DRS Didn’t Save Kayes and Ishant Strikes

Ishant to Kayes, out Lbw!! This looked so out. Really good decision from Joel Wilson. Was under pressure after caught behind decision was reversed. But kept his cool, gave it a long thought and raised the finger. This is the new variety from Ishant, the leg-cutter that comes out scrambled seam and then cuts back in/holds its line from round the wicket. He’s set Kayes with away-swingers and then slipped this in.

Kayes’s head was outside the line and he missed the ball completely looking to play to leg. Impact in line with middle and leg and given. He spoke to Shadman Islam and then sent the case upstairs, only to lose a review as ball-tracker says crashing leg pole. India get their first wicket.

Here is the clip of that video:

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