VIDEO : Gayle Blasted 26 Runs to Deshpande Over

Tushar Deshpande to Gayle, FOUR, short of length, not a whole lot of width, but when you’re bowling to the all-time bet T20 batsman, it can disappear – cramped for room, but punched away off the backfoot to the sweeper cover fence for four

Tushar Deshpande to Gayle, FOUR, onto the hip, a tad slower at 130km/h, Gayle lifts that big frontfoot and glances it away towards the fine leg fence for four. Just had to get past short fine, and he was set.

Tushar Deshpande to Gayle, SIX, the sand-Ga(y)le, the storm, has arrived – he’s attempted the bouncer, and he certainly hasn’t got the pace for it. Hangs back, does Chris Gayle, and clubs this over deep mid-wicket for six

Tushar Deshpande to Gayle, FOUR, back of a length once again, just a hint of width, and the predator pounces – carves it away over cover to the sweeper cover fence for four

Tushar Deshpande to Gayle, SIXabsolute carnage! Bold if it comes off, stupid if it doesn’t – the off-cutter – picked up by Gayle, and that’s mowed over long-on for six – hits a cameraman on the sciatic area

Here is the clip of that video:

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