VIDEO : Krishnappa Gowtham Blasts 26 Runs in One Over

Diwesh Pathania to Gowtham, no ballFOUR, Gowtham is exactly the kind of batsman you want at this stage and he starts his innings with a boundary. Diwesh Pathania attempts a fancy back of the hand slower delivery, gets it all wrong as it ends up being a full-toss above the waist height. Gowtham smashes it wide of fine leg for a boundary. Free-Hit coming up.

Diwesh Pathania to Gowtham, SIX, in the air and six. Gowtham makes full use of the free hit. He picks up the slower ball early, delays his bat swing and lambasts it over deep mid-wicket. It cleared the fence only just as the man leaping to take it.

Diwesh Pathania to Gowtham, FOUR, terrible bowling. Full ball down the leg-side and Gowtham lofts it over short fine for a boundary.

Diwesh Pathania to Gowtham, 2 runs, slower delivery on a short of length, Gowtham hoicks it to deep mid-wicket and collects a brace.

Diwesh Pathania to Gowtham, SIX, wow! Another six for Gowtham . He is having a whale of a time. Diwesh Pathania dishes out in the slot, Gowtham came under it and blats it over long-off.

Diwesh Pathania to Gowtham, SIX, another six! 31 came in the over. This is outstanding power-hitting from Gowtham. Waits for the slower ball and deposits it over deep mid-wicket for another maximum. This is high-quality hitting from Gowtham.

Here is the clip of that video:

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