VIDEO : Manish Pandey Survived in an Epic Way Against England


In a Twenty-20 International match against England, the Indian middle order batsman Manish Pandey survives after touching the ball on the stumps. The ball touched the bails and the light also flashed, but bails didn’t dislodge.

After that the on-field umpire and the bowler Ben Stokes also shocked to watch this moment.  At that time Manish Pandey was on the score of 10 runs. Manish Pandey scored 30 runs in that match off 26 balls with the help of 1 six.

India won that match by just 5 runs and Jasprit Bumrah was the player of the match. He took 2 wickets in the 4 overs after considering just 20 runs.


Here is the clip of that video:


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