VIDEO : Mayank Agarwal Took the Revenge Like a Boss


Anrich Nortje to Agarwal, leg byes, FOUR141.8km/h, rears up from a short length and onto the helmet! Agarwal has stepped across too early, and he’s outside the crease, struck on the helmet trying to duck, and it bounces off the visor towards the fine leg boundary for four leg-byes.

Not a lot of damage done, but protocol being right followed here as the Indian physio rushes into the center. Mayank is alright. Some routine concussion tests, perhaps, but things seem alright.

Anrich Nortje to Agarwal, FOURwhat a response! A 148km/h good length ball with a bit of width, Agarwal doesn’t get to the pitch of it, trusts the bounce and strokes this on the up to the sweeper cover fence for four. Blazes away.

Here is the clip of that video:



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