VIDEO : Two Back to Back Huge Sixes By Mayank Agarwal


Maharaj to Agarwal, SIX, lovely shot! He was almost deceived there but still went through with the shot. Stepped down the wicket and didn’t get to the pitch of the ball, but used his reach to loft it handsomely over long-off.

Maharaj to Agarwal, SIX, consecutive sixes and he moves onto 99. This was a more controlled shot. Once again danced down the wicket, got to the pitch of the ball this time and lofted it straight down the ground.

Philander to Agarwal, FOURhundred for Agarwal. He’s followed up his double hundred in Vizag with a hundred here. Got there in a streaky manner but he won’t mind that. This was not short enough to play the cut, but Agarwal went for it and hit it uppishly past the gully fielder. The arms went up immediately and there was a sigh of relief as the ball missed the fielder. Kohli embraces him in a hug and then the helmet comes off to acknowledge the applause of the crowd and his team mates.

Here is the clip of that video:



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