VIDEO : Mohammad Rizwan Dismissed On a No-Ball?


Pat Cummins to Rizwan, out Caught by Paine!! This was coming, one shot too many from Rizwan and Cummins has his man. The umpire wants to check for the front-foot no-ball, it’s very close, is there something behind the line? Don’t think there’s anything behind the popping crease, will Rizwan get away with this? It’s tight and the third umpire is having umpteen looks, he finally decides that the benefit of doubt will go to the bowler. Rizwan is OUT.

A controversial moment at the Gabba – not sure Gough got it right, but Cummins certainly did. Floated this one at a length and got it to shape away from wide of off, could have left it go, but Rizwan was batting positively. With minimal footwork, he went chasing it, got a thick edge and Paine did the rest.

Here is the clip of that video:


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