VIDEO : Shami Convinced Kohli For DRS and Wicket


Shami to Mominul, out Lbw!! Huge appeal from Shami for lbw, umpire Rod Tucker ain’t too interested and rejects it. Shami is so convinced that he walks up to his skipper asking him to go for the review. This looked really close on first viewing. Not a no-ball. Flat line on the UltraEdge.

Over to ball-tracking.. Three reds and it predicts that the ball is going to smash the leg-stump. That escalated pretty quickly, ain’t it? Shami is showing why he’s a different beast when it comes to the second innings. It was the pacer, who persuaded Kohli to take the review and he’s spot on.

This cut back in from a length, Mominul was going nowhere after shuffling a bit and getting chained in the crease. Unable to combat the movement, gets rapped on the pad around the knee-roll. It looked plumb and there you go! Three down now are Bangladesh and it’s all going downhill for the visitors.

Here is the clip of that video:



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