VIDEO : Shivam Dube Smashed 3 Sixes in One Over

Pollard to Shivam Dube, SIXlovely, he’s getting a feel of this wicket now, banged in short and well outside off, Dube swivels across and clubs it high and over deep square leg for a maximum.

Pollard to Shivam Dube, SIXsmashed, Pollard and his slower ones are going the distance now, length delivery at the stumps, Dube leans across and swings it high and over backward square leg – the biggest of his three sixes so far.

Pollard to Shivam Dube, SIXcracking shot, he’s making a mockery of Pollard now – wide full-toss outside off, Dube reaches out and slaps it over extra-cover, went sailing over the ropes for a maximum.

Here is the clip of that video:

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