VIDEO : Super Over Drama Between KXIP and DC

Ball 1: Rabada to Rahul, 2 runs, a very full one, clipped away to deep backward square leg for a couple – 2 for 0

Ball 2: Rabada to Rahul, OUT! Short ball following Rahul into the on-side, Rahul has a go at an ungainly pull, gets a top-edge that flies away towards the midwicket region and Axar settles under it.

Ball 3: Rabada to Pooran, OUT, a very full one, Pooran has been dismissed for a duck twice in this game! Knocked him over! He’s gone for an ungainly slog over cow corner, and he’s lost his off-stump.


Ball 1: Shami to Pant, no run, dot ball! Short and wide, but the umpire reckons it’s just within the tramline – Pant attempts the upper-cut, misses… 0 for 0

Ball 2: Shami to Pant, wide, huge wide down the leg-side, and they can’t afford that… 1 for 0

Ball 2: Shami to Pant, 2 runs, Game. Set. Match. DC win the super-over! It’s a very full ball on the boots, and that’s clipped away towards fine leg for a couple, bringing this exciting night to a close… 3 for 0

Here is the clip of that video:


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