VIDEO : Last Over Drama Between KXIP and DC


Stoinis to Agarwal, SIX13 off 6, and he’s slammed the first ball of the final over for six! Far too slow to bother him, and he’s nailed this loft over his head for for six!


Stoinis to Agarwal, 2 runs, nails the yorker, but is it too late? Digs this out to midwicket for a couple!


Stoinis to Agarwal, FOURscores level! This is his night! Backs away and picks this up from leg-stump, opens the face and flays this between perfectly through the gap in the extra cover region for four! A dive at the boundary, but that won’t save the boundary.


Stoinis to Agarwal, no run, short ball, all eyes on the umpire as he swings at a wild hook, misses – not a wide!


Stoinis to Agarwal, out Caught by Hetmyer! The agony! It was a full-toss, just a moment too less for Mayank to process this, flays this on account of the width, trying to slice this over deep backward point for six, but ends up finding the ONE fielder at the boundary – Hetmyer. Screams at the heavens for snatching this moment away from him, but he has only himself to blame, does Mayank. Just hasn’t managed to finish this off!


Stoinis to Jordan, out Caught by Rabada! It’s a super-over! A full-toss on the leg-stump, and he’s flicked this straight to Rabada at short square leg, who holds on! A nightmare start to the over, from Stoinis, and he’s managed to bring it to a tie. NOW NOW

Here is the clip of that video:


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