VIDEO : 2 Wickets in 1 Over By Mohammed Shami

Shami to Prithvi Shaw, out Caught by Jordan!! This is a reckless start from the Capitals – short of a good length and well wide of off, not the length to be attempting the pull – Shaw goes for it, gets it low off the bat and it spoons high and towards mid-on. Jordan is the man under it and you don’t expect him to drop those. Number two for the Kings and no wonder their management and owners look thrilled.

Shami to Hetmyer, out Caught by Agarwal!! This is turning out to be a awful start for the Capitals – another soft dismissal and Shami is on cloud nine. He shortened his length and got one to angle across the left-hander, Hetmyer was looking to work it to the on-side, closed the bat-face early and the front-edge looped straight into the grateful hands of Mayank at extra-cover. As simple as it gets and the Capitals have been reduced to 13 for 3.

Here is the clip of that video :

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