VIDEO : Thrilling Last Over of Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy Final

Gowtham to Ashwin, FOUR, smashed downtown. Gowtham feeds the cardinal length, bang in the slot, and Ashwin is quick to go one-kneed and smartly decides to tonk this straight down

Gowtham to Ashwin, FOUR, slog-sweeps, doesn’t control, it’s ballooning down. Padikkal is at deep square leg, he charges in for the catch, but suddenly then decides to stop the boundary, and in his confusion does neither

Gowtham to Ashwin, no run, length, angling across from round the wicket. Ashwin swings, misses .. 3 balls | 5 runs . Remember, there IS a super over

Gowtham to Ashwin, 1 run, low full toss on off, a big bottom-handed drive this to long-on

Gowtham to Shankar, out Shankar Run Out!! 1 run completed. It’s the worst possible result if you happen to be Tamil Nadu. Shankar’s lost his wicket, Ashwin’s not on strike either, and the new batsmen has it upon him to get them over now. Anyway, Shankar mowed it agriculturally to long-on, where Pandey and his rocket arm fire in the bullet at the striker’s end. Even the dive’s not good enough.

Gowtham to Murugan Ashwin, leg byes, 1 run, can’t connect. And that’s all that matters. Swipes big after a charge down, but the ball sneaks under, KL can’t collect cleanly either, but all this confusion can manage is a single. Karnataka’s dug-out errupts, they come down charging, and Vijay Shankar is nearly in tears .. well, it’s a fascinating rivalry, and it has another illustrous page appended.

Here is the clip of that video:

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