VIDEO : Umesh Yadav’s 5 Sixes Stunned Virat Kohli


George Linde to U Yadav, SIX, Umesh has made his intentions clear with the very first ball. Sees the flight and just has a whack, nowhere close to the middle but the power of the man takes it over cow corner quite comfortably.

George Linde to U Yadav, SIX, consecutive sixes and the crowd have found their voice. Declaration coming? Linde once more lands it right in the slot and this time the ball did come off the middle, long-on was left looking at the ball sail over him.

George Linde to U Yadav, SIX, high into the gloomy skies and lands comfortably 30 rows back. Umesh is bring the crowd to his life with his power-hitting. Picks the length quickly and sends the heave into the crowd near deep mid-wicket. Kohli and Co. enjoyed it in the dressing room.

George Linde to U Yadav, SIX, Umesh showing his range. He can strike them on the off-side as well. Had to reach out as it was outside off and the toe-end was enough to take it over a leaping Nortje at long-off.

George Linde to U Yadav, SIX, fifth six for Umesh against Linde. The figures that had improved are taking a beating again. Linde keeps bowling it on a length and Umesh keeps swinging ’em over the rope, this time straight back over the bowler.

Here is the clip of that video:


  1. My favorite hero in cricket is Umesh yadav super sixes for Umesh I love all six his bat continue this game onT20 also I support Umesh at every stage

  2. कई लोग कहते है कि विदेशी खिलाड़ियो की बैटिंग 10 वे नंबर तक होती है अब देखा आपने खिलाड़ियों का power


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