VIDEO : Unfortunate Run Out Dismissal of Ferguson With Joe Root in BBL


Dwarshuis to Ferguson, out Ferguson Run Out!! Now who’s run-out? Comedy out there. Root wanted a bye, easy run. Ferguson said no initially. Root ran all the way, Ferguson tried to run and then stopped. By then Root had made his ground.

The keeper threw the ball to the bowler’s end and Root strangely tried to sacrifice his wicket for some reason and tried to cross Ferguson before the bails are being disturbed by Dwarshuis, but it turned out Ferguson was ahead of him and he is one to be dismissed out.

Ferguson tried to get back into the crease, but it was too late. Coming back to the ball, it was a short of length delivery angled across, Ferguson tries to cut and misses and then everything panned out the way it did.

Steve OKeefe to Root, out Bowled!! Root kicks the turf in disgust, he is absolutely disgusted. On the contrary, Steve OKeefe is thrilled.

It was a good length delivery on the stumps, it came in with the arm ever-so-slightly, beats the defence of Root, misses the inside edge and clatters the stumps.

Here is the clip of that video:


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