VIDEO : Unfortunate Run Out Dismissal of Shikhar Dhawan


Mahmudullah to Pant, out Dhawan Run Out!! 1 run completed. Appeal for run-out and looks like Dhawan is in trouble, he doesn’t look all that confident and he’s actually well short. Poor running from Rishabh and it has cost his partner his wicket. India lose a well set batsmen and find themselves in trouble now. This was tossed up around middle, Rishabh played with soft hands and nudged it wide of mid-wicket – Mahmudullah himself did the chasing.

Rishabh scampered across for the first and then turned blind for the second, that prompted Dhawan to respond – but after taking a couple of steps, Rishabh sensed the danger and sent his partner back. Dhawan was a long way down the pitch and had no chance of returning – the throw wasn’t the greatest, but Rahim has enough time to break the stumps.

Here is the clip of that video:


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