VIDEO : Virat Kohli Gets Angry On Umpires For DRS

T Natarajan to Wade, no run, half-an-appeal for LBW, but the ball seemed to be sliding down leg, Wade fell across on the clip – did the ball straighten after pitching? India have gone for a review. Hang on! Looks like Kohli was late on the call and it’s been disallowed. The third umpire had started with the process and then bailed out. A confused Kohli ran across towards the on-field umpires, who seemed to have explained the decision. Oh dear! We have replays in and it was crashing into the leg-stump.

Three REDS and India might perhaps rue their non-review in time. Wade gets away with one – he shuffled across on the flick and missed, the ball pitched on middle and leg – and then straightened enough with the seam.

Here is the clip of that video:

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