Virat Kohli Reveals Indian Teammate’s Odd Habit of Eating

The Indian cricket team generates a lot of curiosity among fans, who are interested in knowing about the behind-the-scenes happenings in the dressing room as well as the personal lives of the players.

One interesting fact about a teammate’s peculiar eating habits was shared by former Indian captain Virat Kohli with his followers during the promotion of his latest YouTube venture, One 8 Commune.

Kohli revealed that Wriddhiman Saha, a fellow teammate, had a unique way of pairing different types of cuisine. During a meal that included butter chicken, roti, salad, and rasgulla, Kohli observed that Saha only ate a few bites of the roti and salad, but finished the entire rasgulla. Kohli was surprised by Saha’s unusual eating habits and jokingly questioned him, “Wriddhi, what are you doing?”

Kohli was informed by Saha that this was his typical eating style, and on occasion, Kohli has witnessed him eating ice cream with Dal Chawal. Saha appears to eat all of it together, taking two bites for items like ice cream and rice. The 33-year-old wicketkeeper-batsman amusingly commented that creativity can manifest itself in various forms.

During the video, Kohli also shared his best and worst food experiences. He mentioned a recent trip to Paris where he faced a language barrier with the local cooks, implying that he neither spoke nor understood French. Kohli expressed concerns about the potential health risks of such a situation.

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