WATCH : Avesh Khan furious over Sanju Samson’s trust issue amidst catch drop


Amidst the anticipation akin to an El Clásico showdown, Rajasthan Royals faced off against Punjab Kings, with the latter compelled to take the batting stance in their own backyard.

In the absence of Shikhar Dhawan, the hosts found themselves in dire straits, losing four wickets for a mere 52 runs within the initial ten overs.

Despite the slower nature of the pitch, the lower-order resilience was hindered by remarkable fielding, albeit marred by a peculiar incident involving Captain Samson and Avesh.

In the 19th over’s second delivery, Avesh delivered a full-length ball outside off, tempting Ashutosh to go for a powerful shot across the line. However, it resulted in a top-edge, sending the ball soaring towards the short mid-wicket region.

Avesh dashed towards it in hopes of claiming his third wicket of the day, while simultaneously, Samson made a frantic sprint towards the descending sphere. Yet, neither of the two Rajasthan Royals players managed to secure the catch.

The miscommunication led to the ball landing squarely between them, sparking frustration in the bowler towards Samson’s approach, culminating in a heated exchange of words and setting social media ablaze with chatter.


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