WATCH : Kuldeep snatches catch despite Samson’s desperate call


Following the coin toss loss, Punjab’s opening duo, comprising Jonny Bairstow and Atharva Taide, launched into an aggressive start, plundering 13 runs from Kuldeep Sen’s second over.

Their partnership gained momentum, adding nine more runs in the third over bowled by Trent Boult, bringing the score to 26/0 after three overs. However, the tide turned in the fourth over when Avesh Khan dismissed Taide, injecting a moment of levity onto the field.

In the fourth over’s fourth delivery, Avesh hurled a short ball at Taide, tempting him into a pull shot. Despite Taide’s efforts, the ball found the thick edge of his bat, sailing towards the short third region. As the ball soared, Sanju Samson made a beeline to his left, signaling for the catch.

Meanwhile, Kuldeep Sen, positioned at short third, remained fixated on the ball’s trajectory, oblivious to Samson’s approach. Despite the looming possibility of a collision, Sen managed to secure the catch just before Samson’s intervention, narrowly avoiding a mishap.

With a grin, Samson reassured Sen that he had called for the catch. Amidst the amusement, Avesh observed the scene with a hint of irritation before resuming his bowling duties. The incident sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter, with netizens dissecting the Samson-Kuldeep confusion, fueling discussions across various social media platforms.


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