WATCH : Beaming bouncer gets stuck in the helmet of Tanzid


Aiming for a spot in the Super Eight stage, Netherlands captain Scott Edwards chose to field first after a rain delay. The Dutch bowlers started brilliantly, giving away only five runs and taking a wicket in the initial overs.

However, Bangladesh’s Tanzid counterattacked by hitting a four and a six off Vivian Kingma in the second and third deliveries of the third over.

Yet, Kingma had a trick up his sleeve, unsettling the Bangladesh opener just two balls later. On the fifth delivery of the over, Kingma bowled a sharp bouncer that Tanzid tried to hook over square leg.

The ball’s steep bounce caught Tanzid off guard, striking his helmet’s grill with a loud thud. The ball got lodged in the helmet’s grill for a moment, and Tanzid had to remove his helmet to free the ball.

The Bangladesh physio quickly came out to check on him, and the unusual incident of the ball sticking to the helmet soon had Twitter buzzing with reactions.


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