WATCH : Bumrah left stunned as ecstatic Anshul Kamboj’s maiden scalp tragically declared no-ball


The home team’s decision to bowl first paid dividends as they cleverly exploited the slower Wankhede track to their advantage. Despite a solid opening partnership by Travis Head and Abhishek Sharma, steering the score to 32/0 in four overs, Mumbai Indians’ recent addition, Anshul Kamboj, entered the attack in the fifth over at the behest of skipper Hardik Pandya.

However, this strategic move didn’t pan out as expected for the hosts. Head demonstrated his attacking intent by launching a six off the second delivery of the fifth over. Yet, Kamboj responded with a fuller-length delivery aimed at the off-stump on the fifth ball.

Head’s attempt to create room for a drive led to a misjudgment of the line, resulting in the ball crashing into his off stump. Mumbai players erupted in celebration for Kamboj’s inaugural IPL wicket.

However, the euphoria was short-lived as the no-ball alert echoed across the packed Wankhede Stadium, swiftly extinguishing the jubilation. The giant screen confirmed Kamboj’s overstep, with on-field umpire Navdeep Singh validating the call. Disheartened, Kamboj had to compose himself for the ensuing delivery, knowing it would be a free hit.

Yet, the Haryana youngster faced further disappointment as Head capitalized on the opportunity, dispatching two consecutive boundaries.

The incident ignited conversations on social media platforms, with the Twitterverse sharing their sentiments on Kamboj’s unfortunate no-ball.


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