WATCH : Chris Gayle Sensational Batting in Legends League Cricket


These days, the Legends League Cricket (LLC 2023) is being played in Qatar, where retired players are astonishing everyone with their performances. Even though these players have retired from cricket, their batting and bowling seem to suggest that they still have a lot of cricket left in them.

Meanwhile, the third match of the tournament was played between Asia Lions and World Giants, where explosive batsman Chris Gayle (Chris Gayle Six Video) from the World Giants set the pitch on fire with his batting. He hit three consecutive towering sixes in one over of Dilshan. The video of his innings is rapidly going viral on social media.

Former West Indies player Chris Gayle is known for his explosive batting. He has carved a special place in the hearts of fans with his stormy performances. Even though this 43-year-old player has retired from cricket, his playing style remains the same today.

Playing for World Giants in the Legends League Cricket (LLC 2023), Gayle created a sensation in Qatar with his explosive batting. Although he only scored 23 runs, he surprised everyone with his shots. In the fourth over of the match, he took Asia Lions’ bowler Dilshan Dilshan to the cleaners.

During Dilshan’s over, Chris Gayle (Chris Gayle Six Video) displayed amazing hitting. He hit sixes on the first three deliveries to score a hat-trick. Gayle sent Dilshan’s first delivery to the mid-wicket stand and dispatched the second ball to the long-on stand.

For the third six, he hit a massive blow in the direction of the long-on and reached the audience lengthwise. The video of his powerful batting is going viral on social media.


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