WATCH : Funniest Field of the Year Near the Boundary Ropes


We get to watch many entertaining videos from the cricket field every day, but the video we are talking about today has become a topic of discussion on social media. In this video, you can see how a fielder unintentionally gifts a boundary to the batting team. This funny video is being liked by fans a lot.

In this viral video, you can see that the batsman attempts to play a spectacular shot on the ball of the bowler, but after hitting the bat, the ball goes towards the short third man. Initially, this fielder fails to catch the ball in the circle, and then he runs behind the ball at a high speed to save the boundary.

At one point, it seems like this fielder will save the boundary, and indeed he does. Initially, he manages to somehow catch the ball, but then he does something that you probably haven’t imagined.

This fielder tries to throw the ball inside the field, but the ball hits his leg and goes beyond the boundary. Many cricket experts are currently sharing this funny video, and everyone is currently bursting into laughter after watching this video.

This video has currently been watched by over 5 lakh people. Additionally, more than 8 thousand people have also liked this video. Many fans are also sharing this video even more by commenting and making it more enjoyable. Speaking of another funny video, there is another video that is going viral in which a batsman can be seen hitting his own bat after getting out.


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