WATCH: Finland’s field placement shocks the world – 8 fielders at slip !

Although cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in a few nations like England, Asia and in the Asian subcontinent, it is yet to be popularised in the rest of the world. The influence of football in the world is far more global as many more nations play football. However, few countries have now started to play Cricket and are focusing more and more on the sport. The United States of America is just one example. They are bringing in talents from all over the world to build a strong national team and also to improve the Cricketing skills of their natives. Unfortunately most of the countries like this are still way behind.

We get to see the proof of it quite regularly in the European Cricket Championship. In today’s match between Finland and England, the finnish team set the most peculiar fielding setup the world has ever seen. They used 8 players in slip ! Yes you heard it right. Not 3 or 4 but as many as 8 players in slip. And it was not done as a joke as all the players looked pretty serious about their plan. What was even more funnier was the fact that the English batsman was still unable to hit the ball past the boundary. He instead hit it straight behind to the wicketkeeper.

It amazed the commentator as well who said, “Oh my goodness gracious look at this field!” Not only the commentators but the fans online could not stop their laughter at the scene. Wisden cricket shared a video clip of the incident and the world broke in laughter. The video went viral in no time and everyone started sharing it. What was even funnier was the fact the it was the very first over !

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